Cincinnati Bell Front-End Software Developer in Evendale, Ohio

Front-End Software Developer

Front-End Software Developer

August 2, 2018

Java Developer-Evendale

Front-End Software Developer (Cyber Security Team)

This role assists with Enterprise Security Solutions working with Advance Detection Solutions team developing and support custom software solutions that support the Cyber-Security & Technology Risk processes.

Work Scope:

  • Thoroughly research and document the existing Document Management Portal (DMP) front-end, including both the user portal and the reporting portal.

  • Update the DMP development environment front-end to get it in working order, and to achieve near-parity with the production environment.

  • Implement/modify data visualizations in the existing front-end as requested by the Product Owner; work with the DMP back-end developers to tie in new data sources as needed.

  • Work with the DMP and ADS teams to rearchitect the DMP compliance metrics server to use modern languages/versions.

  • Supplement the ADS team’s front-end development efforts on other products, primarily AlertWeb, as time allows.

  • Provide DevOps support (including vulnerability remediation and upgrade support), working with the broader DMP and ADS teams, as needed.

Specific Deliverables:

  • Thorough and current DMP documentation, including:

  • Architecture diagram

  • Readme

  • Code comments (throughout all substantial DMP code)

  • DevOps support guide (likely failure modes and resolutions)

  • A working, maintainable, and well-documented DMP front-end development environment

  • New/updated DMP data visualizations

  • An updated DMP compliance metrics server

  • Enhancements for other ADS product front-ends, primarily AlertWeb

  • Remediated vulnerabilities and completed upgrades, as required


  • Be responsible for defining, developing, and evolving software in a fast paced and agile development environment using the latest software development technologies and infrastructure

  • Translate requirements defined as user stories and deliver to required timelines and quality standards

  • Write unit test cases and end to end test cases

  • Support process improvements which guide the development, sustaining & support activities

  • Coach, mentor junior team members

  • Work cross functionally with other business departments to align activities and deliverables

  • Drive world-class quality in the development and support of products

  • Communicate effectively within immediate team

  • Engage subject matter experts in successful transfer of complex domain knowledge

  • Apply principles of SDLC and methodologies like Lean/Agile/XP, CI, Software and Product Security, Scalability, Documentation Practices, refactoring and Testing Techniques

  • Write code that meets standards and delivers desired functionality using the technology selected for the project

  • Understand performance parameters and assess application performance

  • Work on core data structures and algorithms and implement them using technology chosen

  • Proactively share information across the team, to the right audience with the appropriate level of detail and timeliness

  • Technical Expertise:

  • A Minimum of 2 years of experience in developing software in an agile or extreme programming environment preferred

  • Experience building software using (in order of importance): AngularJS, Pyramid, NodeJS, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, JSON, XML, Backbone & Polymer

  • Strong background in object oriented design principles, data structures and algorithms and computer science fundamentals

  • Effective problem solving abilities, oral and written communication skills

  • Passion for building great user experiences collaborating with the User research, engineering, product management and quality teams

Business Acumen:

  • Demonstrates the initiative to explore alternate technology and approaches to solving problems

  • Skilled in breaking down problems, documenting problem statements and estimating efforts

  • Demonstrates awareness about competitors and industry trends

  • Has the ability to analyze impact of technology choices

  • Leadership ability to take ownership of small and medium sized tasks and deliver while mentoring and helping team members

  • Ensures understanding of issues and presents clear rationale. Able to speak to mutual needs and win-win solutions. Uses two-way communication to influence outcomes and ongoing results

  • Identifies misalignments with goals, objectives, and work direction against the organizational strategy. Makes suggestions to course correct

  • Continuously measures deliverables of self and team against scheduled commitments. Effectively balances different, competing objectives.

Personal Attributes:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Effective team building and problem solving abilities

  • Persists to completion, especially in the face of overwhelming odds and setbacks. Pushes self for results; pushes others for results through team spirit

Required to work onsite @ customer environments, preferably Cincinnati (Evendale), secondly Detroit (Van Buren Township).